Pierre Michel, My Brother!

Airplanes – Animation by Dennis Ryan

Sweet Tooth Title from Jeremiah Bornfield on Vimeo.

Title music for a new online television show.

Title Track for Sweet Tooth

Starstruck – with the VOX4 String Quartet

Opening scene of Lang’s Metropolis

Control Freak from Jeremiah Bornfield on Vimeo.

Written and edited by Jeremiah Bornfield for the ‘nu mu[sic!] festival, 2009, which is entitled “in search of lost time.” The video is all taken from public domain footage available through the Prelinger Archives.

Baroque, control, power, toys, subconscious America and the future of the human race. 🙂

Control Freak For Harpsichord, Halloween and Nu Mu[sic!]

Breakfast Serial

Aria & 15 Variations Based On Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” from Jeremiah Bornfield on Vimeo.

Suzanne Temple choreographs a blur of time and space, dancing to Film Maker Robert Moon’s own vision of time against NYC and a musical form that has scarcely been approached.

Aria & 15 Variations

The Messanger – Animation by Lee Wolland

Early Farewell to George W. Bush