Review from the show I presented at Galapagos Art Space on Aug. 24th, 2009.

…”Bornfield is an advocate for the delicacy, intricacy and joy of Bach.  In a seeming dialogue with Bach himself,  Bornfield can present it with the immediacy of rap and other popular music rhythms (without trashing the harmonies and counterpoint,)…this  is something fresh and exciting…The music is invigorating both for the ‘tradition’ and for new ears…

Bornfield’s music makes one feel good to be alive. What more needs to be said?”

Mark Greenfest – Reviewer for the “New Music Connoisseur” – Autumn 2009

“Bornfield’s audio visual art  is GREAT!  It is very clever and packed with imaginative humour.  It is easy to tell that Jeremiah has a good time with his work – and that’s what counts!”

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Michael Schelle – Autumn 2009

“Way back in the 1920s, Jean Cocteau said ‘Take a commonplace and polish it.  Place it in a new light.  That is the work of a poet.’  With Jeremiah Bornfield’s work we not only get the familiar, polished in a new way, but mercurial changes from one polished object to another, which gives us a continual sense of surprise and delight.”

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Warren Burt – Autumn 2009

“Bornfield is a fascinating talent–original, versatile, and accomplished.  He has a unique voice, but he’s also a musical chameleon, leaping between genres and styles with grace and mastery.  Bornfield’s music is not only worth hearing, it is worth savoring and enjoying.”

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Noah Creshevsky – July 2009