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Call For Audio Submissions

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I am beginning to write a musical composition for a very talented violinist, Jennifer Choi.  The work will be for solo violin, electronics and YOUR FAVORITE LITERATURE!

What I need is an audio library of literary excerpts.

What YOU can do is pick a short quote (paragraph or less) from your favorite writing,  record it and either send it to choiproject@plrcounterpoint, OR – call my designated answering service 1-888-282-6452 and leave the reading as a voicemail.  PRESS 3 to go directly to voicemail.

Do not hesitate to share works from any language and any period.

BUT, please tell me the author and title.

The basic scope of the piece is to match texts with period styles.  I would love to elaborate on the project, but will not be able to fully do so until I have some recordings, and can determine the broader implications of time and space.

PLEASE FORWARD THIS LINK TO ANYONE YOU MIGHT THINK IS INTERESTED.  I am going to need a lot of material, and would die if I had to sift through heckling voicemails from anonymous craigslist surfers.

I love you all!

William Shakespeare