Piano Improvisation and Magic Music Visualization patch

Crafted Improv and video expression with Jeremiah Bornfield, piano and Margaret Carey, viola

Whippoorwill Winter

Battle XxxClick Here To Hear



Jeremiah BornfieldClick Here To Hear

The onerous find ticklish beats play vacant florescence. 

Ready for cures?
Without supplying dance fever, kids get heavy.
The Fo-ker hitstuff.
Onerous huevos, morning glory – haberdashery
Find tiznats, ticklish azul,  sheniqua, pfung pfung, putytang, llama, gyro!
Poetic existentialism beats pratfall.

Dyke, play ai cassetedeck!
Vacant fondue – Florescence, quinine.

Ready piggly?… Bunny?-
For recapitulation disparate – succotash cures inscrutable rubber sprinkle.
Tesseract, without ialreadyforgot!
Supplying luminance, dance contextnotmapping.
Bullshit. Love.
Recrudescence? Fever?
Kids goo mice!
Plum puddin’ regurgitation.
Portage, vomit.


Get guitarable, Shepherd.
Plug heavy hypotenuse fluff, incorrigible rat fink.
Dream rapture, stochastic.

New Music Bake Sale – Crowd Sourced Libretto

Rain from Jeremiah Bornfield on Vimeo.

Here is “Rain” by Jeremiah Bornfield

New Piano Improvisation With Video. Herein lies the darkness which can only be instigated by a late September tornado watch in NYC. Very strange pressures in the atmosphere, and an atmosphere of darkness is likely conjured in response, obviously. Enjoy!

Margaret Carey – Soprano, Live From The Auditorium In Eureka Springs, AK – CICA Festival Reading – “Chigger Gulch”

Shakespeare Sonnet 8 – Remixed and premiered at Wild Project, NYC on February 25th, 2012. Soprano – Amanda Hick, Violin – Kiersten Cunningham, Piano – Jeremiah Bornfield

New Music / Multimedia Art / Political Satire

“The Meeting” – Lost footage from the early life of global economic domination, an industrialist political satire in one scene.

“Medium Happiness” – Neither large nor small.

“Today” – Piano Improvisation Live From Juilliard – 11/3/11