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Solo Dame Indie Pop! 8-bit Edition – May 18th, 09

Monday, June 1st, 2009

The wannabee project towers overshadowing the desolate Broadway stop in Bushwick played host to a most interesting program of Latin dance music this brisk Sunday night.

Opening the 5 hour marathon of ‘8 bit’ music was Puerto Rico’s finest gameboyesque producer “go organ.”  There is little doubt that go organ has done anything less than create a show which contains all of the Nintendo music that hasn’t been created since the end of Nintendo music.  Go Organ is definitely a small portal into the past, and inspired a  great revelation to many of the 30 some odd guests on the dancefloor of Don Pedro’s Bar.  Super fun super nintendo if you intendo to aprehendo a splendido inquirido into lost levels, go organ is your extra life!

The techno style dance beats of Minusbaby made a perfect transition to the amazingly subtle husband/wife duo which is Balún.  After 7 years together the core of what once was a quartet has gone on alone to create a sound which is very contemporary in both rock and classical spheres.  The duo play 2 keyboards, accordian, violin, melodica and sing with live audio effects processing.  Fairly impressive, unless you know that the performers are both highly trained artists with masters degrees in music and computer programing (not to mention super good people!).  I’ll cut to the chase…The music was absolutely throbbing, endlessly seductive ridiculously emotionally taunting and mezmorizing in its knowledge of everperson’s most dreaded fears of commitment and long life.  Whats that you say??  It was a cross between Depeche Mode, Arcade Fire and Billie Holiday.  Not intrigued yet?  Feeling like nobody knows you?  You’re naked.  Dont miss Balún!!