RUMI for 3 sopranos, piano and celeste

Cyclone Love – for old midi 128

New Solo Piano Album – Midnight Fountains available online everywhere!! Download the whole album or individual tracks. Send me a message about what you think. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Jeremiah Bornfield Improvising At The Piano from Jeremiah Bornfield on Vimeo.

Live from the Black Box Theater at Hunter College in NYC Sept. 26th, 2009

Part of the 4acts@ music series.

Bornfield Plays Bornfield – Live From The Black Box Theater NYC

My Heart, Your Carnival

June 2011 – New work for Metropolis Opera Project – 1 act opera to be performed by Amanda Hick, Nicholas Tamagna, Jessica Olsen and Edward Krosney, with instrumentalists Walter Aparicio, Eric Cooper and Ashley Bozian-Murtha,July 18th, Medicine Show Theater, NYC.

“The Hateables” – Many musical ideas that lots of people don’t like, right next to each other in a snowstorm. Take a deep breath. Ahhh.

I’m so happy to begin work on a new piano piece for world famous child prodigy pianist, Annie Zhou

April 2011 – Starting a new solo piano piece for Annie Zhou

Reflections Of The Unknowing Deceased – Soprano- Lauren Alfano

Welcome Boyscouts – III/III Short Piano Films